Monday, February 11, 2013

hello hello hello

Hello hello hello!
It was wonderful getting to skype the family. Haha I am sure you all are having a good time in Kingwood. I am glad we finally got the skype working. I love you all very much! Hopefully next time I get to talk to you (Mother´s Day) my spanish will be a tad better! After that skype session I couldn´t stop smiling. I love my strange and awesome as we may be.

1. What's new in the mission?
This week just flew by! The days seem to go by slow, but the weeks go by fast. How does this work? I have no idea, but it happens this way. For Christmas day we went over to a member´s house and ate some good food. Somehow I muster up the courage to talk to strangers just about every second of the day...haha I have had some awkward experiences, but also I have felt the Lord´s love as I have attempted to communicate with people that He needs me to communicate with. We taught our first family this week. It was truly incredible. I could feel that this father was going to be a leader in the church. MORE next week. :)

2. Quick Messages!
Ariel- loved loved loved your talk! Thanks for sending me that. I love hearing from you! Feel free to email me updates and I will write you letters back :). I love you!
Scott & Josh- Guess what song came on the bus..´´I´m sexy and I know it´´ haha thought of both of you two dancing

3. What I have learned this week
Two things stand out to me. First, that we must look for the good in all things. Almost every day there are moments where I feel really tired--I want a ´´break.´´ From proselyting, spanish, trying to cram all this information into my small brain, :) etc. Anyways, I know all of you have moments like this because they happen every day. There is and and will always be opposition in our lives. A few days ago I had a really hard day for a number of reasons. I almost lost it. But in that moment, I sincerely pleaded for help (through prayer), and wow, did the Lord help me. The bad feelings did not simply go away, but I felt the Lord helping me accomplish what He needed me to accomplish. Like the poem of the footsteps and Christ. He will carry us in our hard moments--there will be one set of footsteps. But, we have to ask for His help. And if we expect help, we need to be keeping the commandments. One thing I have learned as a missionary is when I am feeling down or tired, I need to find something good to focus on. Whether it be something ridiculous (like laughing at how pathetic a situation is), or simply focusing on small accomplishments, we can always find something good. You ALWAYS find what you are looking for. If you want to find the good you WILL find it. Life is full of a lot of highs and a lot of lows, but the spirit of God brings us JOY that LASTS. Also, another thing I learned again this week is we need to remember the importance of opposition. Why do we suffer? Yes, many times it is because of our poor decisions or the poor decisions of others (and how their decisions affect us), but also suffering comes because of the fall of Adam--because we were all born human--with flaws, weaknesses, and imperfections. This world is imperfect too, there is opposition in all things. But, I can testify with all my heart that our life on earth--our imperfections and the incredible gift of agency--are all for our benefit. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much. By coming to earth, obtaining a body, and exercising our agency (experiencing the good and the evil), only through these things could we experience JOY and experience growth and knowledge. ONLY through suffering are we truly refined. It is truly incredible what God has in store for us if we prove ourselves FAITHFUL after a trial. Every challenge we face has a purpose. Sometimes I wonder if before this life I talked with Christ and decided what challenges I would experience on earth, or perhaps I requested certain trials because I was so excited to prove myself faithful. Or, perhaps I simply received my mission call to earth like one recieves a mission call now. With in the envelop explained how my life would be on earth and what exactly God expected of me to accomplish and learn in this life. Crazy to think about it that way, huh? Really changes your perspective. I do not know much, but I do know that Christ lives and oh how much He loves us. I promise you that when you are really struggling, that if you turn to Christ...really turn to Him, He will help you.
4. A challenge
This week when you experience something difficult. Pray to our Heavenly Father with sincerity, truly believing that He is there for you. That He loves you. I promise you the Lord will be with you...through His spirit. Of comfort, joy, peace. What an incredible blessing it is to FEEL the love of God.

5. Something funny
Today just about half the population of young men are dressed up as women...haha apparently it is tradition, I´m going to have to ask my companion more about it. They all dance around and ask people for money. It is the strangest thing haha!


Hermana Fischbuch

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