Monday, February 11, 2013


1. What's new in the mission?
Well time sure does fly, let me tell you! This past week went really well. Did I mention that everyone here is Catholic or really "catholic" haha. Not very many actually go to church or really even know the background of Catholicism and what their beliefs even are--it is all a cultural thing, which I find very interesting. A lot of times we are so tied down on what we knew from before (not actually what we practice or do) that we are afraid of change. No one wants to be different than what their family is..too bad. So many blessings! Ah the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is incredible. Franklin the young man we have been teaching is just wonderful. He is such an honest person. He really wants to do the right thing. And what is great, is He wants to know Christ. That´s what it boils down to. Sometimes it takes something really hard in our life to make us realize we need Christ, other times we see all the blessings we have and want to thank our Heavenly Father by turning to Christ and following him, other times we simply follow Christ because we love him. I sense this love Franklin has for Christ. It really is incredible. I promise that we all need Christ. We all need his atonement because we are all imperfect! I know this to be true with every particle in me! I am really grateful for Franklin he truly is an example to me of how we need to act on our faith. Diego came to church as well this past Sunday (I still don´t understand him that well because he talks with slurs and a little differently). Haha Diego. He is different. He has a good heart. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and doing the things that we have asked him (read, pray, come to church, etc). Except he does not want to ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. It is so interesting. He is afraid. I sense it every time we talk about it. He is afraid that it is true. Because if it is (and we can all know that it is through sincere prayer), then he has to change everything he has been taught. His family is all Catholic (naturally), and wow, that is scary. But, if you receive an answer from God that the Book of Mormon is true, there is no turning back! Well, I guess if you turn back, you will be held accountable..anyways a lot of people would rather not be taught--they would rather not act because if they act they don´t want to be responsible. How sad! Do you not know how incredible the blessings are of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!? Haha this is what I want to tell people. Yes, it is hard. Change is hard. But, the JOY that comes from doing the will of God, and knowing He is happy with what your indescribable. God wants to bless us!! Why are we afraid? Also the Familia Muya basically went MIA this week haha. We have been searching high and low for them...haha no they have just been busy and sick. They probably are busy and probably have been avoiding us. Good times. I love when people avoid us. P.S. I got sick with a parasite this week! Gross. I felt incredibly nauseous, achy, diarrhea, the works. Fun times! One of the elders said, ¨"Welcome to Ecuador!" haha. True that. I am recovering as we speak. It has been a quick process. Luckily. The Lord helps His missionaries! I am so grateful for my companion. We definitely have our differences, but she really helps me and serves me. She is great. Hermana Catalan.

2. Quick Messages!
Heather-AHH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS :=)! I am so excited for you. P.S. I hardly remember any science because my brain is being jam packed with spanish and the scriptures, but that is sweet. I always knew you were special!
Ariel- thank you for your email! tell Tia I have a letter coming her way.
Josh- Congratulations, Priest! So exciting.
Mary- I always laugh when I read your letters. I also teared up a bit erading one part. Thank you for your love. I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYLES! I am going to start sending my emails just to you so everyone doesn´t get them twice. Also, does Aunt Mary get my emails?
Tricia- I need your apartment address please!!
Sarah Smith- I heard the song "I´m wide awake" and thought of you. I love you my dear. I hope you are well. Need your address too!
Brother Tucker- Thank you SO much for your package! So thoughtful! I will have to write you a response to your questions. Thank you for your testimony too!

3. What I have learned this week
Ah. What a week. This will be short. What would you do if a poisonous snake bit you? Would you wait around and act like it didn´t happen? Would you try to get the poison out yourself even though you do not have the proper medication? Would you go to your friend or the neighborhood store to buy some remedy? Would you continue doing your normal activities because this poison in you is not a priority? This is your life! You are not an expert in poison nor the healing thereof! Why would you waste precious time? Who knows what that poisin is damaging inside you..perhaps a vital organ. Is your life not valuable? When we is exactly the same.Seriously. No matter what the sin is. When we lie. When we cheat. When we offend someone. When we fail to forgive. I know I talked about this last week but I was really pondering in my scripture and this analogy came to mind. Sin is poison to our bodies! The longer we fail to repent the greater and more damaging the effects on our livelihood. Sin is not just bad decisions it is our failure to make GOOD decisions! We know who the great healer of all is --our Savior Jesus Christ. I promise you He knows your pain. He knows what you need to repent of. Let Him in. Let him heal you. I promise He will, but you must recognize that the snake has bit you, and immediately drive to where He is. You have to make time for healing--for repentance. One incredible blessing of repentance is PEACE. Do not we all want peace? Christ offers us PEACE.

I love this-- "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" (John 14:27)
 Also, in the Book of Mormon-- "...insomuch that He did speak peace to our souls" (Helaman 58:11)
4. A challenge
When you sinned today (we do every day), this night (immediately) ask for forgiveness. Ask for help to overcome your weaknesses. Ask for healing from the greatest healer of all Jesus Christ. He will give you peace. I promise you this. Because countless times he has given me peace and contiues to give me peace. He lives. He loves you. I testify of this with all my heart. Jesus Christ came into the world for all of that through him we might be saved. If we repent.
5. Something funny
I still find it funny that I nod any smile as if I am understanding when people are talking to me. I am understanding a tiny bit more. I am sure it will come. Haha gosh now I know how anyone else feels who is learning English. People, talk slower and be simple! Explain your phrases!

Attached are pictures of my companion and I. And me when it randomly started hailing.


Hermana Fischbuch

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the package. Thought a little bit of home would be nice. I'm sure your companion enjoyed all the goodies you couldn't eat. Sorry. I'll know better next time.