Monday, February 11, 2013

End of January

1. What's new in the mission?
First baptism in the mission!! Franklin Ushiña. It went well. A lot of the ward came because there was a ward temple trip an hour afterwards, so people came to the baptism because they were already coming to meet to go to the temple (Guayaquil which is about 8 hours away from here). Normally, I don´t think a ton of members come to the baptisms, by nature everyone is just busy. I wonder how often we think we are so busy with the responsibilities of life that we forget what really matters. Is your relationship with God more important than your work? School? Friends? Hobbies? etc. This really helps me evaluate my time. Am I really so busy that I cannot give a real prayer at the end of the day, or make it a priority to read my scriptures daily? Haha obviously I am a missionary, so I am doing these things. But, the habit is the same. Is your relationship with God real? Or is it superficial? Little tangent. The baptism was excellent! I felt the spirit so strongly when Franklin was baptized. I felt SO happy for him. He received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday (his baptism was on Friday). As for our other investigators (people we are teaching), Linda has a baptismal date. She is dating someone in another ward and has really felt something good and different about it. We challenged her to read a part in the Book of Mormon and she also attended our ward this past Sunday. The Book of Mormon is central!! To every person´s conversion. This is something I have really come to know. Sometimes we are hesitant to teach about the Book of Mormon the first visit, because we are teaching  about the life of Christ, Apostasy, First Vision, etc. and usually we don´t have much time for the BOM. But, wow is it necessary! There really is power in the Book of Mormon. I know this because I am trying to read the BOM in spanish early in the morning (before exercising) and sometimes I cannot understand exactly what is going on, but I can FEEL the words are true. I just love that. A lot of times we don´t understand things (what people teach us, or what we experience, etc.) but we feel that it is is true. I love the power of the Holy Ghost! Oh. P.S. I have a new companion. Hermana Catalan was sent to Quito for cambios (changes every 6 weeks). We were both surprised because usually the trainer stays with the newbie (me) for the full 12 weeks. But, to be honest I felt a change coming. I thought I was going to leave haha! I learned a lot about teaching from Hermana Catalan--she is an excellent teacher. I also learned how I can improve and what I should focus on (although this is always changing). My new companion is from Nicaragua--Hermana Tellez. This week I have to teach Hermana Tellez all about the area, members, people we are teaching, etc. I feel inadequate! I´m basically her teacher and I have 6 weeks in the mission. Yikes. Pray for me! My companion didn´t tell me a whole lot prior, so I am hoping that I know what to do :)

2. Quick Messages!
Scott--thank you for your email!! I have to finish reading it, but I will write you next week. :)

3. What I have learned this week
Two things. I always bring a spiral to church and do my best to interpret the messages. But if I come with questions, I can receive answers to my questions simply by listening to the spirit. It´s really an incredible thing. Anywho I want to share two things from church. First, there is a talk by President Monson about love from the last General Conference (I believe. My apologies I don´t know the title). There is a quote from Shakespeare that is along the lines of..."if you do not show your love, you do not love." Wow. What a statement. If you are not telling your family that you love them. If you are not serving them. If you are not spending time with them. If you are not acting upon the love that you do not love them. I testify this to be true. When we love people we want to give them our time, our service, our love. We all can express our love in different ways, but I challenge you to show your love for those you love. Act! Second, I love love love the scripture in Alma 5:26. If ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love...or really if you have been converted and felt the love of God in your life...can you feel so now? It does not matter that you have felt it in the past...what are you doing now to feel the spirit of God in your life? What are you doing now to show that you believe that Jesus Christ is your Savior? That you understand His atonement and His love for you. Ah. I just love this. Chastisement with love. I know it is important that we are acting daily. The little things. What are we doing to have the Holy Ghost dwelling with us? Now? What are we doing now? Let us act and be doers of the word!! Let us show our faith BY our works! I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he came to the Earth. He performed miracles. He was patient. He put people first because of his perfect love. He performed the atonement so that we could have eternal life. What are we doing to show that we love Him? Ah. I just love this gospel. So much.

4. A challenge 
When you go to church write down a few questions you have and as you are listening to the talks or lessons, pray for the spirit to direct you to answers. I promise you that you can receive answers simply by attending church (prepared with questions). Just one reason why it is so important we go to church--we receive personal revelation. The Lord wants to help us and guide us. Also, show your love for your family! Make TIME for them. Serve them. Hug them. Write them a note. Do something that helps them KNOW that you love them. That you really love them.

5. Something funny
Haha. So the day of the baptism of Franklin my companion and I decided to look a little nicer. So we spent a little more time getting ready. Guess what happened? It starts pouring in the middle of the day and we have no umbrellas. Haha! When we got home we were soaked...we looked great at the baptism!

I love that we can come closer to Jesus Christ by making sacred covenants like baptism. What a blessing!! P.S. I have pictures to send, but the cord is not working this week unfortunately. Next week!


Hermana Fischbuch

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