Monday, February 11, 2013

1. What's new in QUITO?
Well. I got pictures attached and no words. But there is a picture of Franklin (first baptism), my companion, and I. I cut my hair awhile back. I was thinking of cutting it shorter :). I feel really grateful for my new compañera. Realmente, ella está ayundando a mi mucho. Puedo sentir que tenga amor por estas personas. We talked to a lot of people (door to door) and also in the bus, street, and whereever. We have a goal to talk to 20 people every day about our message. 140 people every week. Excellent goal. Really it is the goal for all missionaries, but no one comes close here. Usually about half or less. Also, we are going to make weekly fliars more or less for the ward every Sunday and spotlight a member. Also, make announcements for activities, and the talks for that day, etc. I am trying to make a ward directory (VERY slowly) for the missionaries that come later. Wow is it hard to remember people with out pictures or addresses all in one place. I feel really grateful for all that we had in our singles wards at BYU. What a difference haha! Here people don´t know their own addresses because the street names just aren´t a priority. Also, members do not know the names, numbers, and addresses of other members so it really is a challenge sometimes to find people. Also, my companion and I want to start doing english and piano classes. She can play piano. I can play the right hand (does that even count for anything anymore?). Haha. We are really excited for what we can do for the ward. Also, the bishop´s son was called to be the ward missionary leader (tender mercy). The man before was really busy with work and what have you, so he really didn´t help us with anything. And we need all the help we can get as missionaries!! It is raining today. This week it has rained a lot. I seemed to survive the week of training my companion about the area and what have you. Luckily we didn´t get lost really. And we made it to our appointments. Somehow. Tender mercies. I got sick again this past week. A family we were teaching was sick and I´m pretty sure I got what they had. Boo. I was able to go out and teach, but didn´t start feeling better till today. I am excited to start exercising again in the morning. Also, reading. I am trying to read the BOM in spanish in free time (but really we don´t seem to have much of that). Did I mention we wash our own clothes? Good times :). My arms will be ripped when I come home. Or really just my forearms. Attractive.

2. Quick Messages
Tricia Hofer I need your address! Jenna Dewey tambien! Funny story about a skirt you gave me and a button on it..
3. What I have learned this week
This week I really came to feel that Christ and our Heavenly Father know us individually. They know our needs. They know our fears. They know our dreams. Our relationship improves with them when we are obedient, and we are honest with them through prayer. I am still working on this. I know there are parts of my faith that are broken and always need to be mended. We are always a work in progress! Haha. But, I really KNOW that my new companion was a tender mercy from the Lord. I know that he knew who needed to be helping me learn how to be a better missionary. She is exactly what I need to become better. She is not perfect. Nor am I. Nor anyone. But, she is what I need right now at this time. The Lord knows us and He knows what we need. Sometimes we don´t WANT what we need, but always we will improve with the experiences the Lord grants us--if we exercise faith.  We recieve strength from the Lord when we read the scriptures. We can feel that he knows us and loves us when we pray sincerely and specifically. When we attend church. When we serve others.
4. A challenge
Please please please this week serve someone. Without being asked. Be proactive. There are so many people that need help. Don´t wait for opportunities. Act.

5. Something funny
There was a tarantula in our bedroom. Just chilling. My roommate called me from the other room. Haha it was some species smaller than the usual, but really poisonous (apparently). After about 15 min, a tupperware for transporting the spider, and a broom stick for smashing it, the spider´s life was taken. Haha it was so funny. My companion was brave enough to kill it (I am afraid to kill things I realized). But I remember asking her, "Are you sure we shouldn´t just let it go outside?" and she basically responded with the story of Laban and is better for one spider to perish than a pair of missionaries to die of poison and the city of Sangolqui to dwindle in unbelief. Point taken. :)


Sending you my love,

Hermana Fischbuch

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