Monday, February 11, 2013


1. What's new in the mission?
We are teaching a young man named Diego (25) and he seems to be progressing with what we are teaching him. Although, a part of me believes he really just needs to feel loved. I think he has experienced some hard things. I really felt God´s love for him the other day when we were teaching about the reality of the atonement of Christ. How Christ really knows our pains, because he suffered for every single person. Hard to comprehend. A lot of times we say things and we learn things regarding the character of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Do we actually believe what we have been taught? Do we actually believe Christ knows our pains and is there to help us? Do we trust in Him? It is easy to feel like God, Jesus Christ, and even all aspects of religion are somehow abstract. This happens when we get caught up in the busy-ness of the world. This happens all too often. A remedy that I have found to work is looking at a picture of Christ before I say my prayers. Seeing his Face. And praying with real sincerity. It is hard when we are tired from a long day of (who knows what), but I promise you your relationship with Christ matters more than any activity of your day. Whether it be work, school, or even the responsibilities of your relationships. Little tangent, my apologies. Also, I do not have spelling check so my apologies in advance if I spell anything wrong. I talked to a young man on the bus the other day (Franklin) about 20 years old and he said he would be interested in listening to us. (I never know if I am speaking spanish correctly--I can only hope!) Anyways, we finally got in contact with him (with New Years and he works a lot) and did a tour of the church with him. Our first time meeting with him. I testified to him of the First Vision (and the reality of Joseph Smith being called to be a prophet). The spirit just tore me apart in that moment. I was holding back tears as I testified to him. Later, he told us he felt something powerful when we taught him the first vision. He told us also that he had a dream regarding finding the truth...and when we taught him about Joseph Smith, he knew it was true. All of it. Incredible. There are many people here (I think most people) in Sangolqui that are content with their lives, or perhaps just afraid of change. But, wow is it incredible when we teach people who really are prepared. Who really have been searching for answers to their questions...for the truth. For something more. People that will do anything to know really know him. And how do we come to know God? By living the gospel he taught when he was on the earth: faith, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and persevering till the end. I love teaching these people (to the best of my ability in spanish of course.) We have interviews with the president this week. Woo hoo! Oh, my first fast-sunday here was excellent. I was so impressed with the testimonies of the members of the ward. There was hardly any time for all who wanted to share their testimonies. All expressed gratitude and bore personal testimonies. Do we realize how much we are blessed? Are we quick to share our testimonies with others? Of course we don´t have to bear our testimonies every fast-sunday...but why not? A short, simple testimony. Who knows how many people need to hear what you have to share. Or perhaps, only the Lord. Maybe He wants to hear from you in sacrament meeting. Just a thought.

2. Quick Messages!
Aunt Leslie- I was thinking about you yesterday while I was at church yesterday (Sunday). How are you doing? I love you lots! Also, I pretty much drink an allergy-free herbalife shake almost every day. Papaya, banana, oatmeal..yum! I am grateful we have a blender...seriously life savor.  
Alex Daresh- For some reason you came to mind on Friday while I was on the bus. Are you doing ok? Your family? Are you reading the Book of Mormon I gave you? That book has changed my life. I know it is true. God loves you!
Jennifer- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! P.S. I got the package you sent me. I have yet to open it, but THANK YOU! Very thoughtful of you (as always). A letter should be coming your way...who knows when! I Love you!!
Josh- Happy Birthday 2 days early! Do the jerk for me. Seriously. When I get back I will not know how to dance. Also, I will be sending you a letter too! You are really cool, Josh. I hope all is well with your golfing skills. I know you are probably tearing up the course without me to hold you back (in the golf cart). I bet your muscles are huge from carrying your golf clubs. Haha!

3. What I have learned this week
What a week! As always. I love love love personal study. Me encanta estudio personal! Me encanta leer El Libro De Mormón. Maybe I should write in spanish more often? Anywho, during personal study this week I was thinking a lot about how most people see the world. Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? Were we born just to die? How sad. My heart aches for people who really see no true purpose in this life. There is so much purpose! We are here to prepare to meet God. Our time is precious! Every day is a day to improve, to show faith, to experience, to love. We were with God before this life and we will be with Him after this life. Our families can be together forever through the powerful and eternal covenants of the temple. What an incredible blessing. How much the Lord loves us! How much he wants us to be happy! Men are that they might have joy! I could say so much more...but on to my next point. ¨The natural man is an enemy to God and has been since the fall of Adam and will be forever and ever unless he YIELDS to the enticings of the Holy spirit...¨ (Mosiah 3:19). Only when we tield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit can we come close to God. How do we do this? We do all things that invite the spirit--we live the gospel of Jesus Christ. We keep the commandments. We read our scriptures. We pray (sincerely). We attend church. We magnify our callings. We are honest in all our dealings with our fellow men. Etc. Naturally we are inclined to do the opposite--to do whatsoever is pleasing to us. Like the cookie monster, we may eat what we want and when we want it. We live how we want. Yielding to the enticings of the Holy Spirit means doing what the Lord wants of you. Not simply failing to make bad decisions. It means making good decisions. Giving up all your sins to know God. I love that. It´s tough, but we are blessed with the SPIRIT when we do the will of the Lord. And no greater joy can we experience in life than that of the the Holy Ghost.
4. A challenge 
Think about your weaknesses. Think about some of the poor decisions you make (the ones you justify). Be honest with yourself. What sins are you holding back? What sins are you clinging on to? I had this ephinany the other day about my sins. Before my mission, I remember at times trying to justifybad behavior. Convincing myself that my imperfections or poor decisions were really not a big deal...or not sins. Who is telling us this? That anything not of God is ok? We know when something is a sin (whether it be small or large). Why do we justify our sins? Because repentance is hard. True repentance is hard. True repentance is CHANGING. Wow. I was in awe as I thought about this. Changing is not easy. We resist change. But oh, the joy you will feel as you give all your sins to know God. If you are honest with yourself and with the Lord. The spirit will fill your soul. Joy. I promise you this. 

5. Something funny
Hahaha something funny happens every day. But let me just say I about died when we were about to teach Diego the Word of Wisdom and he randomly tells us he has some food for us (never before). He comes out with coffee and cookies. What are the odds! Also, when I was talking to a young lady I asked her how long she studied to become a nurse and apparently I said sick. How long have you studied to become sick? Haha enferma is sick and enfermera is nurse. Love my spanish!

I love being a missionary. Hard work. But, I love love love it.
Also, I love getting emails from you all. I get to print them off and read them at the house. Please continue! 

P.S. My pictures do not seem to be uploading onto the computer. We will try a different place next week when we write. I have a few good pictures to send. 

Love you all,

Hermana Fischbuch

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