Monday, February 11, 2013

1. What's new in QUITO?
Naturally, I have no time! Haha my apologies for last week--no email. We arrived in Quito late and I was helping President Ghent's wife with dinner--she really needed help. And we only had 5 minutes to write home so I figured I would not be able to write much anyways. My apologies! We all got to eat at their house for a little mini-Christmas. It was really so good. We played games. Played songs with bells (by color coding). I really hope I can do some fun things with my family for Christmas when I have my own children. My Mission President is solid. I feel so grateful for all the men and women who sacrifice so much to serve in these callings that are so time-consuming. It is no easy task. Wow did this week fly by! My companion is from Chile she does not speak english really. Seriously, I do not speak is so strange. Haha I know when I get home I am going to have trouble remembering english, because it has been one week and I am already thinking in spanish (for example, when I am praying). I still have trouble with grammar principles (present subjunctive) and just need to memorize a ton of verbs and vocabulary. I am not understanding a ton, but definitely more and more. For some reason I am not afraid with the language--with mastering it. Maybe I should be! Sometimes I get frustrated and my brain really is exhausted from trying to do spanish haha, but I am giving myself plenty of time. Or atleast I am trying to be patient with myself. My poor brain. It starts shutting down around 7 p.m. It is really too bad we teach some lessons after then. Ok. Quito is beautiful! I will send my mission info next week (my apologies) I forgot to bring that info. But, wow it is wonderful here. I have not used my giant comforter that takes up one of my suitcases...I am hoping I have to use it at some point as I have lugged it all the way here haha. There are a few elders from the States here, so I speak some english with them occasionally if I see them, but I really am trying to stick with spanish. Today, we met up together as a zone and did secret santa, made breakfast, and played some other games. It was a lot of fun. Haha I am pretty sure I ate cow intestine or something. Not bad. Not bad at all. Haha! Strange texture though. Everyone here is Catholic--this really changes my missionary approach. Everyone believes in Jesus Christ. The trouble is they are so ingrained in their culture they really resist change; they are open to learning more but not open to acting upon what we teach. Definitely frustrating, but all people in all religions and places have the same issue. Do we practice what we preach? The weather is great here. I have been pretty good about talking to people (although the language often makes me feel insecure). Sometimes I have no fear whatsoever. Those are the best times :). When I am just on cloud nine and wanting to teach everyone and anyone what I know to be true...with a smile...and with sincerity. Good times. My first Sunday went well! My brain was just tired, so I really did not understand a whole lot. An incredible young man who we taught the day before came to church with us. He is 18. I felt SO much love for him as we were teaching him. Golden investigator. Definitely someone who is seeking for truth. You can just feel it. People who really are searching--they have a strong spirit, and they just accept what you are telling them. It is marvelous.

2. Quick Messages
Finally got some dearelder letters! Friends. Send me your address please!
Mary- I will talk to you soon. LOVE YOU. PS Do you want me to just send you the email every week, and have you forward it to everyone? That way nobody receives it twice. Let me know. I always laugh at your emails. Thank you.
Paul- I showed my companion your book. She laughed because she misses some of the words of Chile. Thanks again for sending me that book. Love you.
Ryan Lew- LOVE that talk. Thank you!! Hope all is well.
Richelle- Ah. Miss you! Thank you for thinking of me. What is your address? Email me.
Ephraim and Lisa--Congratulations!! Ahh!
Arntsen Family- You are so sweet. Thanks so much! I enjoyed spending time with you before I left. As for idea! My health is pretty good :).What is your address? I can write you.
Ariel- I sent your letter to 1401 Cherry lane. It will probably arrive in a month...who knows. Love you. So excited for you and the changes in your life!
3. What I have learned this week
Wow have the promptings of the spirit been incredible for me. It is so new to me still...the promptings of the spirit. But, wow, when we are worthy of the Spirit, the Lord will tell us where we need to go, who we need to talk with, etc. I have had some pretty incredible experiences just the past few days! I will just tell one as I do not have time (this phrase will probably be said every week!). I was sitting on the bus with my companion next to me this past Sunday, and this lady walks on the bus. Right when I see her I feel this powerful burning in my bosom--I know I need to talk to her. I have no idea why. I just know. But, I am afraid..isnt it awkward? For about 30 seconds I fought with myself. Finally, I told my companion we needed to go talk to her. We do. And as I am trying to mutter something in spanish I am again pounded with the spirit in my heart. The love of God just fills my soul for this woman. And she was totally not interested haha. So odd. It turns out she had talked with the missionaries for quite some time then just decided to stop..she said she felt nothing when she went to church so she decided to go to a different one or something. Anyways, I ended up shedding some tears in front of this lady I did not even know, so I just bore my testimony to her and hoped that she could feel what I was intense. She basically invited us to attend her church haha. I felt so silly afterwards, but my companion told me that all that matters is that I ACTED on the prompting. It does not matter what results of it. All that matters is if you do what the Lord needs you to do. If you feel you should do something, do it. Miracles happen through US. The Lord works through the children of men. I can testify of that with every particle in my being! He needs us to be worthy of the spirit so we can help others that really need help...need to hear what the Lord needs to tell them or remind them or teach them...through YOU. I have had other experiences which were more successful, but I wanted to share that one because I feel it is a really important principle. Wow, the love of God is so powerful. Hopefully, I can work on not crying when I can pounded with the spirit that way. Perhaps, I always will. Haha who knows. The spirit is realy, and through obedience to the principles of the gospel we become INSTRUMENTS in the hands of the Lord. And, the Lord blesses His servants--or all who follow the promptings of the spirit. Immense blessings.
4. A challenge
My challenge this week goes along with what I was pondering about yesterday. This week PRAY for an opportunity to SERVE someone. I promise you that the Lord will give you an opportunity, and you will FEEL that you need to act in some way. Many times it does not seem logical, and often times it is scary (potentially awkward), but I promise you that you will be blessed if you follow the promptings of the spirit. Fight the fear of the natural man! Trust in those promptings--no matter what the outcome. I promise you someone needs YOU in some way...this week.

5. Something funny
Haha okay really short. We live next to a karaoke bar and every night...without fail...there is someone belting out some spanish song (usually a little pitchy). It just adds to all the dogs barking outside are window. Haha I just layed in bed the other night and laughed. So ridiculous. Haha gosh. There are so many dogs here. Also, as we were trying to teach someone these two dogs started mating basically.There are so many dogs here. Good times. I try to find something to laugh at every day. Usually it is myself doing something dumb, or a pathetic or awkward situation. Plenty to share.

This is hard work I will not lie. But, oh how rewarding it is...even if we just help one person. Teach one person. One soul.

I love you all. I miss the cold weather and lights around, but Quito really is beautiful. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Talk to you soon (family). Forgot my camera cord. Next week will send pictures. Thanks for sending me pictures!

Con Amor,

Hermana Fischbuch

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