Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Peru MTC

1. What's new at the MTC?
We went on a tour of Lima!! So much fun. We wandered around downtown. Went to the catacombs. The library was incredible in there. We saw "Miss Peru" in the street haha so random. Lima is beautiful! I need to send a picture of the flowers. Mom would die. Today we went on the bus without the elders. We made it alive! Haha it was a little scary, but we made it. The CCM is its own little world (MTC=CCM). I was called to be the coordinating sister. I thought it was too funny because basically I am in charge of all the sisters in the zone, but only my companion and I are in the zones haha. I have a lot of responisiblity clearly. How was thanksgiving!? Thanksgiving was great here. They were so thoughtful in trying to make it good for the Americans. I scored another goal in soccer..I could get used to this!

2. Quick Messages!
Ephraim and Lisa- Thank you soooo much for your card. I almost shed a tear. I am so happy for you two. Thank you for being so thoughtful in sending me an invitation. You two are amazing, and will do great things. Thank you!
Tia- I said YUM!! I miss you! 

3. What I have learned this week
This week I learned that we need to CRY unto the Lord in all places.What does that mean to you? Please read Alma 34. Boo. My time is up :(. I will write more next week.

4. A challenge This week when you pray. Please kneel. Please pray for longer than the normal (30 seconds with the same phrases). Be sincere. Ask questions. That kind of prayer is powerful. I promise you will feel of His love for you. Powerful.
5. Something funny
Please imagine a bunch of tone deaf latino elders singing the prelude music in sacrament meeting. I was dying.
I love you all so much!! Praying for you! In spanish! Double blessings.
Hermana Fischbuch

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