Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1. What's new at the MTC? Mini earthquakes! Proselyting was so much fun. We taught security guards haha. Many people were not interested at all. The wealthy part of town rejected us the most. Coincidence? No. Darn. My email got deleted and had to start all over. No time now. Apologies! I will update better next week.

2. Quick Messages!No time :(
3. What I have learned this weekThis week I learned why sharing the gospel is urgent (something I have been pondering about ever since my mission began). The two reasons I}ll have to get in to later but perhaps you can think about are these: (1) How much God loves his children and wants them to be happy in this life (the worth of souls is great in the sight of God) and also that this life is HARD and besides the suffering that comes from the normal opposition and trials of this life, people are also under the burdens of sin. Sin is dark. It is painful. Only through CHRIST can we feel clean and pure--can we feel hope and joy in a world that is full of so many challenges. I have felt these answers specifically. Wow, did I receive answers. I felt these words to be true with my whole soul. Powerful. Not without effort on my part that is for sure, but alas the Lord answers prayers. I can testify of that. It is incredible. I will have to get into it more another time.
Also, as I was reading in Alma 32 (specifically vs 39) and something that specifically stuck out to me was this...how can we expect to receive or taste the fruit of the gospel if we are not nourishing the tree? Do you expect to be happy while continuing in your old ways..bad habits..failing to do more every day to come closer to God..to live the gospel? How can you expect happiness or peace with out doing the work required to nourish the tree?
4. A challenge Nourish your faith this week!! Read the BOM. Pray sincerely. Ask questions. Attend church and do your PART to receive help from God. I know He is there and He will help you, but we must do our part. Oh, how much does he want to help us.

5. Something funnyAn Elder farted really loudly in the middle of a silent personal study. Revelation interrupted. Just imagine. I was crying from laughing so hard.
I love you all so much!! Sending you all my love!

Hermana Fischbuch

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