Monday, November 5, 2012

Sarah is leaving the Provo MTC tonight


1. What's new at the MTC?
I leave TONIGHT for DC to get my VISA then on to the PERU MTC. I am sooooooo excited. I really have grown to LOVE my district and my teachers, so it's sad. But, I am so excited to be around people who only speak Spanish. I really love latinos. We had a PERU MTC orientation and l felt so excited the whole meeting. There is one elder in my district who is leaving for the Peru MTC too and after the meeting he said, "I'm terrified." Haha it was the funniest thing. Anyways I have very little time to pack, and they let me email because I'm leaving, so I will email a better email next week--P day. I can't believe I'm actually leaving for PERU. Wish me luck with my broken spanish ;). Honestly, I'm excited for the flight/layovers because I'll have time to just study and read spanish/PMG.
2. Quick Messages
Ryan! Thank you SO much for your letter. It was so good to hear from you. I will attempt to send a letter from Peru (not sure how long that will take).
Richelle- Thanks for getting me my coat--I know you are very busy. Love you!
Jennifer/fam- THANK YOU for your package I'll write you soon!
Mary- How are you? I hope to write you in Peru as well. If you could please put the google doc of addresses on my blog so people can put their emails/addresses on it then send it to me. I should have done that before, so my apologies. xox
2. What I have learned this week
I have learned so much this week. Especially about the power of receiving inspiration while reading the Book of Mormon. The spirit spoke to me multiple times yesterday. I felt so humbled. Why should I deserve such promptings from the spirit?  Then I felt this--"All who are faithful (real faith, diligence, obedience, etc.) are blessed with impressions from the Holy Ghost." If we want to be inspired, to be guided, to be comforted, etc., we need to read the Book of Mormon. Also, my companion and I did initiatories (sp?) after an endowment session. Wow, I started tearing up every time they said a certain part. It was something that really penetrated my heart. I felt the Lord really speaking to me through the ordinance.
4. A challenge
This week when you are really frustrated with someone, pray for them. I have seen my attitude change when I pray for people specifically. We really are blessed with love for those we pray for. That is why we must pray for those who hate us or abuse us. Prayer is powerful. Also, attend the temple this week (if you haven't already). I know the Lord wants to speak to us, let us be in places where we can LISTEN.

I will send pictures soon I promise! I have not been taking many pictures. I will try to tonight. Love you all. Thanks so much for the letters. I will do my best to write back ASAP or at least email.

Hermana Fischbuch

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