Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1. What's new at the MTC?
Like I said last week--the food is good! Attached are some pictures. The strangest thing is the second picture of the fruit--granadia (not sure how to spell it) but you basically drink it! Swallow those seeds whole. Delicious. Haha it is actually not that amazing, but not bad. I just like the fact that I am drinking the fruit. A latino elder had a competition with an elder in our district with who could drink a whole fruit faster. He had it down in practically a second! Those latino elders are quick. They always want seconds at meal times. Haha they are just too funny. All of the latino districts left today because they are only here for three weeks. It is really empty today. Also, two other North American districts left as well. We are not called the "expert" spanish missionaries, although I feel no different from when I got here..ok maybe a little. I have learned three more words. Haha no, I really have learned a lot but it is crazy how fast the time goes. I know I say this every time, but it is just incredible. I get this feeling every so often that my mission is going to fly by, so I really need to make the most of EVERY day. There are hard days, but I can say with all honesty that I love love love being a missionary. What an incredible blessing it is for me to be here. Especially in Peru! Peru is beautiful. The flowers and mountains are stunning. Today is our P-day and will be from here on out. We are the last group to get to do a TOUR of Lima. I am so excited! Because of the increase in missionaries and the decrease of time they will be in the MTC, they will no longer do the tours. How lucky are we!? "The last of our kind!" Haha. Attached in this email also is a picture of an elder in our district, who got beat up by one of the latino elders. Pretty scary, yeah? Just kidding. He actually had a really bad charlie horse in the middle of the night jumped out of his bed, hit his head and got knocked unconscious. Haha so random. We see him at breakfast and he is in a wheelchair and all bandaged up. The MTC is great. So much to learn every day. It never gets old. Proselyting in LIMA take two went better. I talked about 30% of the time! We went to visit less actives, but they really don´t do addresses here (people do not know their addresses), so it is hard to find anything. But, I talked to more people on the street and actually talked about the gospel (or tried) in spanish. Also, we had an incredible lesson at one house. Because we had prepared, the lesson went so well. Each of us (we were in a trio; me and two latina hermanas) shared a scripture, asked questions, and bore our own personal, powerful testimony of what we knew to be true, and how the gospel of Jesus Christ would bless this whole family. The whole family was in the lesson (when you get married most people still live at home with the parents). So, the parents and siblings were there along with the man and wife who we were there to teach (the less-actives). My heart was SO full, it was incredible. Not just full of love for these people (like I have described to you before, which is also very powerful), but the REALITY of my words and how they WOULD bless this family. It was so specific. What a blessing. My eyes started watering (and yes I tend to get emotional when I feel the spirit very strong), but wow was my heart penetrated. Incredible. My companion is really spiritual like I said before, I learn so much from her.
2. Quick Messages
Grandma Stanford, Grandpa Fischbuch could you send me there addresses? I am trying to write letters to them (feel a need) although I have little time to do so..
Thank you all for your love an emails.
3. What I have learned this weekSomething I have really been thinking a lot about this week is why my faith is not complete (what have I experienced that has weakend my faith instead of strengthened it or what exactly do I need to do to strengthen my faith and remove any doubts..although this is a life long process). I have been praying fervently for HELP and as I have been praying I have received slowly (but surely) more direction on how my faith can be strengthened. I realized that a few experiences I have had (not sure what) have questioned my faith in specifically the character of God. So, this week during scripture study I have learned so much about the character of God, and how we come to know of His character. Or really, how do we receive more faith? Alma 25:16 As we live the law (keep all commandments) are faith increases, also as we REPENT, EXERCISE FAITH, and PRAY ALWAYS. A scripture specifically spoke out to me on what I need to do. So, my witness to you is that through studying the scriptures the Lord answers prayers. We must read them! In the temple today I also received more direction as to how my faith can improve. I feel SO blessed. Also, remember Alma 25:16 "In His strength I can do all things." Not just some things. All things. Whose strength do you need? The Lord. Remember this every day: "I can do hard things." How? With the strength of the Lord. I know this to be true, because I see it in my life as a missionary every day. Although I am a missionary, I still am imperfect. I have been blessed with added strength and discernment as a missionary, but I rely on the strength of the Lord all the same. We need Him. Every day. Let us grasp His outstretched hand.
4. A challenge
Ask the Lord a question this week. I know He will answer your prayers. Read the scriptures with faith that He will guide you. I know the spirit will help you feel or learn what you need.
5. Something funnyAll the elders in our zone have been telling all the latinos that they can speak mandarin because they all were taught it in grade school. The had the latino elders SO bad. They are so ridiculous. They said "ding dong" means "good bye", etc. etc. Haha gosh they are so ridiculous, but hey I appreciate a good laugh. The latino elders are a handful too. Whenever we play soccer they go crazy any time there is a hand ball "MANO MANO!!!" They were really impressed that I was playing soccer with them (I think it is just because I´m white, let´s be honest..), but I still love them. 
Jesus Christ lives. I love you all so much. Let us all have faith in Him.

Con Amor,

Hermana Fischbuch

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