Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1. What's new at the MTC?
Wow, okay my apologies for last week. I seriously had no time! I decided this week I need to write an email first then read the emails. So, Peru is incredible! The scenery is beautiful. The latinos are quite the characters. Spanish is coming. Something I think is funny is that in my old district (Provo) I was probably the average with learning spanish, but here everyone in my district has taken spanish for at least three years! Talk about humbling. It has been difficult, because in comparison I really am not doing so well, but for me I am doing well with Spanish. Too bad we often determine how we are doing based on a comparison with those around us. Anyways, the Lord wants to humble me, so that is what is happening for sure. My companion and I speak the least Spanish. Haha our teachers feel sorry for us sometimes, but they do not speak much English. Wow, do they speak fast spanish! Ok, so the food is good! Except this past week I have been sick :(. I think it is parasites. I haven´t been digesting things very well, and the past few days I have been sick. Nothing like the sick I would get before the mission. The Lord definitely is blessing my health. We went proselyting in the streets of LIMA this past Saturday. What an experience! I could not understand about 99% of the things these people were saying. They spoke so fast, with slang, and soft. I went with two other latino hermanas, who speak practically no English. That was fun. Haha can you imagine? Well, I will say I went out of my way to start talking to people, but I have not mastered the ability to transition from small talk to gospel talk. I was not afraid to talk to people at all (although my spanish is FAR from good) which was surprising. One of the two latino hermanas practically took over every conversation because she is so outgoing and comfortable talking about the gospel. I bore my testimony quite a few times, and asked questions when I could, but I would say this one hermana did about 60% of the talking the other hermana did 25% and I did the rest. I hope next time I am forced to talk more. Even if it is awkard and I do not know what to say. Wow, did I feel the spirit with this one lesson we taught. The people are so nice and accepting here. I felt SO much love for the people, really of course, it is the love of God, but wow is it powerful. I am grateful I am able to feel how He feels about this people. Every soul is great in the sight of God, that is for sure. My companion is from Logan, Utah. She is cool! We really bonded last week (I can´t remember if I shared this or not), but I know we were meant to be companions. I have learned so much from her. We are different for sure (like my last companion), but we both love Christ, and that overrides everything. We go to the Lima temple every P day. What a blessing that is. I need P days. My brain is worn out after 6 days of so much learning and studying. I love it!! I definitely have hard times though, I will tell you that. Also, teaching has been difficult with my companion in Spanish, but our most recent lesson we committed our investigator to be baptized--the spirit was definitely in the lesson. First people in my district and we speak the worst spanish! Just another testament to me, that teaching the gospel isnt about the spanish, it is about the spirit. Love that.

2. Quick Messages
Any specific questions for me?
Jennifer- I thought about you in the temple today. I miss talking to you!
Raven- I thought about you the other day too. Send me your address please.
I need addresses of all my lovely friends (email or home)! Please send me them. Or put them in the google doc if possible.
3. What I have learned this week
Can I just testify that the Lord answers our prayers. Wow. Well, this week in my personal study I was reading in the BOM (I love personal study) about sacrifice. Something specifically stuck out to me in Alma 13:16. What did Amulek sacrifice for Christ? His wealth, all worldy posessions, his friends, and even his family (his father). This made me think of dad. Thank you Dad, for all you sacrificed to become a member of this church. I feel so grateful for you. What are we willing to sacrifice for truly coming unto Christ? For living the word of God? What do we fail to sacrifice or what prophetic counsel do we fail to follow? I know that we MUST sacrifice MUCH in this life, but EVERY sacrifice we make for Christ makes us HOLY. I testify that to be true, because I have seen it in my own life. Only through REAL sacrifice do I come unto Christ, and He becomes a part of me.
4. A challenge
Sacrifice something for Christ this week. Whether it be time for reading the BOM. Do something different than you are. Ask God what He would have you SACRIFICE for Him. I promise He will let you know. I receive so many answers when I read the scriptures.
5. Something funny
Oh my gosh my district is so funny. The biggest goobers are in my district. haha so a flu virus has been going around and they made us wear all these MASKS haha oh my gosh I could not stop laughing. We even had to teach in them. Biggest goobers. This one elders glasses kept fogging up because of his breath. Write more next week.
LOVE YOU ALL!! Send pics next week.
Hermana Fischbuch

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