Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sarah's first MTC letter

 For every letter Sarah is going to:

1. Tell you how the MTC is or my mission
2. Personal messages to those I don't have time to write letters to or don't have their address (I left it out this week)
3. What I have learned over the past week (I'll try to focus on ONE thing, although I really learn so much every week)
4. Questions to think about (that I have thought about)
5. A challenge (for you and I)

How does that sound? :). Let me know!

1.How's the MTC?
What an incredible blessing it is for me to be serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Wow! I felt the spirit so strong when Ariel dropped me off. This is where the Lord wants me to be. I am so happy to be doing what He wants. The MTC is not much different from what I expected, but I will say this..we have no time! Haha. Every extra minute is used. Out schedule is jam packed with activities--I always feel like I have to shove food down at meals (or maybe I always do that haha). Sisters are now allowed to work out in the mornings because they have classes for us (Cool, huh?). Classes such as yoga, kickboxing, aerobics, etc. They have an indoor track--10 laps is a mile haha. My companion and I and the two other sisters wake up at 5:45 so we can change and head to they gym and work out for 20 min then run back so we can shower and get ready for the day. Class. Spanish. Personal Study. Companionship study. Study some more. Eat. Sleep. Busy! We to have lights out at 10:15 and from 9:30ish to 10:15 we are to get ready for bed/shower/or do anything necessary (for me take pills, use my biomodulator, contacts, brush teeth, etc...). We are also to have companionship prayer, write in our journal (my personal goal), and have personal prayer all before 10:30. Haha it is a challenge! This is SO good for me. As many of you know I MUST write down everything and look at the time frequently to make sure I do everything necessary in a timely manor (I often fail at this). Haha! What a blessing it is to be imperfect and have the ability to become better through Christ and His gospel. Anywho, my health is the same. It is still difficult at times, but I know I will be fine. I just get that "feeling" :). There are six beds in our room but there are only four hermanas in our whole branch (basically a ward with smaller wards in it called districts). Each district has about 10 total missionaries, so our branch has multiple districts (we are the only district with sister missionaries). They were happy when we arrived last Wednesday :). I have really grown to LOVE the missionaries in my district this past week. We do everything together. How powerful it is when we have testimony meetings or talk about PMG (Preach My Gospel). So to sum it up..the MTC is efficient. I LOVE GYM TIME. I lift weights or play basketball or volleyball. It feels SO good to work out and compete (at any level). My companion and I are very different, but I am grateful for every opportunity I have to improve--especially with patience and charity. She is from SLC and is serving her mission in Florida. I probably will be in the MTC longer than 3 weeks as they have been having delays with visas...we shall see :). I've seen a few friends at the MTC (not missionaries) it's been cool. Thank you all for the letters. It's super easy to use dear elder while I'm here if you would like to email me (they print it off and give it to me). Just go to then make a username then put in my name, mission, and mailbox. Everyone looks forward to getting mail, so thank you for your letters already & yes I would LOVE to hear from you. It's so nice hearing about the "real" world. Being here still feels like a dream haha. Oh! They only talked in spanish our first day. Haha that was interesting ;). Also, we taught an "investigator" in spanish the next day. Spanish is coming okay. I felt the spirit so strongly in a few of our lessons--one being

3. What have I learned this week?
I have learned a lot this past week.(Weird I know, right?) Two things stick out to me. First, my calling as a missionary is sacred. And as I type that I think, of course it is, and I'm sure you all are thinking the same thing. But, the spirit as testified to me that it is--I don't just "know it" because I have been taught that. There was an incredible devotional last night given by Elder Echo Hawk. He talked about conversion and his conversion process. The call of a missionary is sacred. Wow, did the spirit testify of that to me as I looked all the missionaries around me. We, the missionaries, have been called to represent Jesus Christ. We are "saviors" to those we convert. Oh, how GREAT our joy will be when we unite with those we have taught and converted in the world to come. I know that to be true. Whether we are missionaries or not--the people we save--the lives that we "save" through our example or love will bring us GREAT joy. I feel that so strongly. We must remember that conversion in NO way ends at baptism. There are many members of the church who need to be rescued. Second, I was reminded of the power of the Book of Mormon. Elder Echo Hawk later talked about how the Book of Mormon is CRUCIAL in enduring the hardships of life and coming unto Christ. I want to testify to you that I know without a doubt that what he said is true, because I have experienced it for myself. There is a sacred power in the Book of Mormon, if we only open its pages and tap into that power. Power to be healed. Power to have faith. Power to endure. Power to love. Power to forgive. The Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and reading it DAILY gives us so many blessings. I made a goal to read the BOM daily in April through my entry to the MTC, and wow the Lord blessed me. Of course my trials and challenges were STILL there (sometimes they increased haha) but I received so many blessings (that I often realized later) from reading the Book of Mormon.

4. Questions:
What do you feel when we read the Book of Mormon? What have you learned from the Book of Mormon? What blessings are you missing out on when you fail to read the Book of Mormon?

5. My challenge to you this week is to read the Book of Mormon EVERY day. 5 Pages. Or, however much you can. But, make sure you set aside time to read it. I promise you that the windows of heaven (incredible blessings) WILL be opened unto you, because I have seen it in my life, and continue to see it at the MTC. The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ. Jesus Christ lives and he yearns for us to seek Him out--to come unto Him. Let us read the Book of Mormon.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Blessings to you all. I pray for you in Espanol (the little spanish I know).

Con mucho amor,

Hermana (Sister) Fischbuch :)

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