Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1. What's new at the MTC? Mini earthquakes! Proselyting was so much fun. We taught security guards haha. Many people were not interested at all. The wealthy part of town rejected us the most. Coincidence? No. Darn. My email got deleted and had to start all over. No time now. Apologies! I will update better next week.

2. Quick Messages!No time :(
3. What I have learned this weekThis week I learned why sharing the gospel is urgent (something I have been pondering about ever since my mission began). The two reasons I}ll have to get in to later but perhaps you can think about are these: (1) How much God loves his children and wants them to be happy in this life (the worth of souls is great in the sight of God) and also that this life is HARD and besides the suffering that comes from the normal opposition and trials of this life, people are also under the burdens of sin. Sin is dark. It is painful. Only through CHRIST can we feel clean and pure--can we feel hope and joy in a world that is full of so many challenges. I have felt these answers specifically. Wow, did I receive answers. I felt these words to be true with my whole soul. Powerful. Not without effort on my part that is for sure, but alas the Lord answers prayers. I can testify of that. It is incredible. I will have to get into it more another time.
Also, as I was reading in Alma 32 (specifically vs 39) and something that specifically stuck out to me was this...how can we expect to receive or taste the fruit of the gospel if we are not nourishing the tree? Do you expect to be happy while continuing in your old ways..bad habits..failing to do more every day to come closer to God..to live the gospel? How can you expect happiness or peace with out doing the work required to nourish the tree?
4. A challenge Nourish your faith this week!! Read the BOM. Pray sincerely. Ask questions. Attend church and do your PART to receive help from God. I know He is there and He will help you, but we must do our part. Oh, how much does he want to help us.

5. Something funnyAn Elder farted really loudly in the middle of a silent personal study. Revelation interrupted. Just imagine. I was crying from laughing so hard.
I love you all so much!! Sending you all my love!

Hermana Fischbuch

Peru MTC

1. What's new at the MTC?
We went on a tour of Lima!! So much fun. We wandered around downtown. Went to the catacombs. The library was incredible in there. We saw "Miss Peru" in the street haha so random. Lima is beautiful! I need to send a picture of the flowers. Mom would die. Today we went on the bus without the elders. We made it alive! Haha it was a little scary, but we made it. The CCM is its own little world (MTC=CCM). I was called to be the coordinating sister. I thought it was too funny because basically I am in charge of all the sisters in the zone, but only my companion and I are in the zones haha. I have a lot of responisiblity clearly. How was thanksgiving!? Thanksgiving was great here. They were so thoughtful in trying to make it good for the Americans. I scored another goal in soccer..I could get used to this!

2. Quick Messages!
Ephraim and Lisa- Thank you soooo much for your card. I almost shed a tear. I am so happy for you two. Thank you for being so thoughtful in sending me an invitation. You two are amazing, and will do great things. Thank you!
Tia- I said YUM!! I miss you! 

3. What I have learned this week
This week I learned that we need to CRY unto the Lord in all places.What does that mean to you? Please read Alma 34. Boo. My time is up :(. I will write more next week.

4. A challenge This week when you pray. Please kneel. Please pray for longer than the normal (30 seconds with the same phrases). Be sincere. Ask questions. That kind of prayer is powerful. I promise you will feel of His love for you. Powerful.
5. Something funny
Please imagine a bunch of tone deaf latino elders singing the prelude music in sacrament meeting. I was dying.
I love you all so much!! Praying for you! In spanish! Double blessings.
Hermana Fischbuch

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1. What's new at the MTC?
Like I said last week--the food is good! Attached are some pictures. The strangest thing is the second picture of the fruit--granadia (not sure how to spell it) but you basically drink it! Swallow those seeds whole. Delicious. Haha it is actually not that amazing, but not bad. I just like the fact that I am drinking the fruit. A latino elder had a competition with an elder in our district with who could drink a whole fruit faster. He had it down in practically a second! Those latino elders are quick. They always want seconds at meal times. Haha they are just too funny. All of the latino districts left today because they are only here for three weeks. It is really empty today. Also, two other North American districts left as well. We are not called the "expert" spanish missionaries, although I feel no different from when I got here..ok maybe a little. I have learned three more words. Haha no, I really have learned a lot but it is crazy how fast the time goes. I know I say this every time, but it is just incredible. I get this feeling every so often that my mission is going to fly by, so I really need to make the most of EVERY day. There are hard days, but I can say with all honesty that I love love love being a missionary. What an incredible blessing it is for me to be here. Especially in Peru! Peru is beautiful. The flowers and mountains are stunning. Today is our P-day and will be from here on out. We are the last group to get to do a TOUR of Lima. I am so excited! Because of the increase in missionaries and the decrease of time they will be in the MTC, they will no longer do the tours. How lucky are we!? "The last of our kind!" Haha. Attached in this email also is a picture of an elder in our district, who got beat up by one of the latino elders. Pretty scary, yeah? Just kidding. He actually had a really bad charlie horse in the middle of the night jumped out of his bed, hit his head and got knocked unconscious. Haha so random. We see him at breakfast and he is in a wheelchair and all bandaged up. The MTC is great. So much to learn every day. It never gets old. Proselyting in LIMA take two went better. I talked about 30% of the time! We went to visit less actives, but they really don´t do addresses here (people do not know their addresses), so it is hard to find anything. But, I talked to more people on the street and actually talked about the gospel (or tried) in spanish. Also, we had an incredible lesson at one house. Because we had prepared, the lesson went so well. Each of us (we were in a trio; me and two latina hermanas) shared a scripture, asked questions, and bore our own personal, powerful testimony of what we knew to be true, and how the gospel of Jesus Christ would bless this whole family. The whole family was in the lesson (when you get married most people still live at home with the parents). So, the parents and siblings were there along with the man and wife who we were there to teach (the less-actives). My heart was SO full, it was incredible. Not just full of love for these people (like I have described to you before, which is also very powerful), but the REALITY of my words and how they WOULD bless this family. It was so specific. What a blessing. My eyes started watering (and yes I tend to get emotional when I feel the spirit very strong), but wow was my heart penetrated. Incredible. My companion is really spiritual like I said before, I learn so much from her.
2. Quick Messages
Grandma Stanford, Grandpa Fischbuch could you send me there addresses? I am trying to write letters to them (feel a need) although I have little time to do so..
Thank you all for your love an emails.
3. What I have learned this weekSomething I have really been thinking a lot about this week is why my faith is not complete (what have I experienced that has weakend my faith instead of strengthened it or what exactly do I need to do to strengthen my faith and remove any doubts..although this is a life long process). I have been praying fervently for HELP and as I have been praying I have received slowly (but surely) more direction on how my faith can be strengthened. I realized that a few experiences I have had (not sure what) have questioned my faith in specifically the character of God. So, this week during scripture study I have learned so much about the character of God, and how we come to know of His character. Or really, how do we receive more faith? Alma 25:16 As we live the law (keep all commandments) are faith increases, also as we REPENT, EXERCISE FAITH, and PRAY ALWAYS. A scripture specifically spoke out to me on what I need to do. So, my witness to you is that through studying the scriptures the Lord answers prayers. We must read them! In the temple today I also received more direction as to how my faith can improve. I feel SO blessed. Also, remember Alma 25:16 "In His strength I can do all things." Not just some things. All things. Whose strength do you need? The Lord. Remember this every day: "I can do hard things." How? With the strength of the Lord. I know this to be true, because I see it in my life as a missionary every day. Although I am a missionary, I still am imperfect. I have been blessed with added strength and discernment as a missionary, but I rely on the strength of the Lord all the same. We need Him. Every day. Let us grasp His outstretched hand.
4. A challenge
Ask the Lord a question this week. I know He will answer your prayers. Read the scriptures with faith that He will guide you. I know the spirit will help you feel or learn what you need.
5. Something funnyAll the elders in our zone have been telling all the latinos that they can speak mandarin because they all were taught it in grade school. The had the latino elders SO bad. They are so ridiculous. They said "ding dong" means "good bye", etc. etc. Haha gosh they are so ridiculous, but hey I appreciate a good laugh. The latino elders are a handful too. Whenever we play soccer they go crazy any time there is a hand ball "MANO MANO!!!" They were really impressed that I was playing soccer with them (I think it is just because I´m white, let´s be honest..), but I still love them. 
Jesus Christ lives. I love you all so much. Let us all have faith in Him.

Con Amor,

Hermana Fischbuch

1. What's new at the MTC?
Wow, okay my apologies for last week. I seriously had no time! I decided this week I need to write an email first then read the emails. So, Peru is incredible! The scenery is beautiful. The latinos are quite the characters. Spanish is coming. Something I think is funny is that in my old district (Provo) I was probably the average with learning spanish, but here everyone in my district has taken spanish for at least three years! Talk about humbling. It has been difficult, because in comparison I really am not doing so well, but for me I am doing well with Spanish. Too bad we often determine how we are doing based on a comparison with those around us. Anyways, the Lord wants to humble me, so that is what is happening for sure. My companion and I speak the least Spanish. Haha our teachers feel sorry for us sometimes, but they do not speak much English. Wow, do they speak fast spanish! Ok, so the food is good! Except this past week I have been sick :(. I think it is parasites. I haven´t been digesting things very well, and the past few days I have been sick. Nothing like the sick I would get before the mission. The Lord definitely is blessing my health. We went proselyting in the streets of LIMA this past Saturday. What an experience! I could not understand about 99% of the things these people were saying. They spoke so fast, with slang, and soft. I went with two other latino hermanas, who speak practically no English. That was fun. Haha can you imagine? Well, I will say I went out of my way to start talking to people, but I have not mastered the ability to transition from small talk to gospel talk. I was not afraid to talk to people at all (although my spanish is FAR from good) which was surprising. One of the two latino hermanas practically took over every conversation because she is so outgoing and comfortable talking about the gospel. I bore my testimony quite a few times, and asked questions when I could, but I would say this one hermana did about 60% of the talking the other hermana did 25% and I did the rest. I hope next time I am forced to talk more. Even if it is awkard and I do not know what to say. Wow, did I feel the spirit with this one lesson we taught. The people are so nice and accepting here. I felt SO much love for the people, really of course, it is the love of God, but wow is it powerful. I am grateful I am able to feel how He feels about this people. Every soul is great in the sight of God, that is for sure. My companion is from Logan, Utah. She is cool! We really bonded last week (I can´t remember if I shared this or not), but I know we were meant to be companions. I have learned so much from her. We are different for sure (like my last companion), but we both love Christ, and that overrides everything. We go to the Lima temple every P day. What a blessing that is. I need P days. My brain is worn out after 6 days of so much learning and studying. I love it!! I definitely have hard times though, I will tell you that. Also, teaching has been difficult with my companion in Spanish, but our most recent lesson we committed our investigator to be baptized--the spirit was definitely in the lesson. First people in my district and we speak the worst spanish! Just another testament to me, that teaching the gospel isnt about the spanish, it is about the spirit. Love that.

2. Quick Messages
Any specific questions for me?
Jennifer- I thought about you in the temple today. I miss talking to you!
Raven- I thought about you the other day too. Send me your address please.
I need addresses of all my lovely friends (email or home)! Please send me them. Or put them in the google doc if possible.
3. What I have learned this week
Can I just testify that the Lord answers our prayers. Wow. Well, this week in my personal study I was reading in the BOM (I love personal study) about sacrifice. Something specifically stuck out to me in Alma 13:16. What did Amulek sacrifice for Christ? His wealth, all worldy posessions, his friends, and even his family (his father). This made me think of dad. Thank you Dad, for all you sacrificed to become a member of this church. I feel so grateful for you. What are we willing to sacrifice for truly coming unto Christ? For living the word of God? What do we fail to sacrifice or what prophetic counsel do we fail to follow? I know that we MUST sacrifice MUCH in this life, but EVERY sacrifice we make for Christ makes us HOLY. I testify that to be true, because I have seen it in my own life. Only through REAL sacrifice do I come unto Christ, and He becomes a part of me.
4. A challenge
Sacrifice something for Christ this week. Whether it be time for reading the BOM. Do something different than you are. Ask God what He would have you SACRIFICE for Him. I promise He will let you know. I receive so many answers when I read the scriptures.
5. Something funny
Oh my gosh my district is so funny. The biggest goobers are in my district. haha so a flu virus has been going around and they made us wear all these MASKS haha oh my gosh I could not stop laughing. We even had to teach in them. Biggest goobers. This one elders glasses kept fogging up because of his breath. Write more next week.
LOVE YOU ALL!! Send pics next week.
Hermana Fischbuch

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sarah is in Peru!

1. What's new at the MTC (Peru)?
Wow! It was so crazy getting to the Peru MTC. about 48 hours flying/sleeping on planes and then a mix-up about who was picking us up from the Lima airport--but, alas we made it. I was so pooped! Spanish is difficult. Everyone in my class had atleast three years of spanish in high school so the teacher expects more from everyone. It's difficult, but I'm improving. Some days I just LOVE it here, other days I'm still adjusting. It is really fun though. A lot of work. I'm trying to find time to learn spanish better but I also need help memorizing scriptures, getting better at teaching, etc. Where does the time go? I always ask myself this.
2. Quick Messages
Paul- My eyes started watering today as I was reading your book of mission letters. An investigator we're teaching right now is named Manual (in the MTC. Haha. Thank you so much for sending that. I'd like to send you an email, but for some reason I don't have it. I really love you, Paul.
Ariel- I was SO happy to get an email from you. I have seriously 3 minutes, but I will definitely email you back. Please send your address as we have more time to write than email.
Mary- Ask Taylor about the googledoc settings I'd explain but no time :( love you thanks.
3. What I have learned this week
This week I learned about the POWER of agency. I know that we are all born to do GREAT things, but a lot of times we choose to do otherwise. I had an incredible conversation with my companion. I felt the spirit so strong. Brought me to tears. A lot of experiences like this have happened. I wish I could explain more.
4. A challenge
Share a personal experience with someone you love.

Hermana Fischbuch

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sarah is leaving the Provo MTC tonight


1. What's new at the MTC?
I leave TONIGHT for DC to get my VISA then on to the PERU MTC. I am sooooooo excited. I really have grown to LOVE my district and my teachers, so it's sad. But, I am so excited to be around people who only speak Spanish. I really love latinos. We had a PERU MTC orientation and l felt so excited the whole meeting. There is one elder in my district who is leaving for the Peru MTC too and after the meeting he said, "I'm terrified." Haha it was the funniest thing. Anyways I have very little time to pack, and they let me email because I'm leaving, so I will email a better email next week--P day. I can't believe I'm actually leaving for PERU. Wish me luck with my broken spanish ;). Honestly, I'm excited for the flight/layovers because I'll have time to just study and read spanish/PMG.
2. Quick Messages
Ryan! Thank you SO much for your letter. It was so good to hear from you. I will attempt to send a letter from Peru (not sure how long that will take).
Richelle- Thanks for getting me my coat--I know you are very busy. Love you!
Jennifer/fam- THANK YOU for your package I'll write you soon!
Mary- How are you? I hope to write you in Peru as well. If you could please put the google doc of addresses on my blog so people can put their emails/addresses on it then send it to me. I should have done that before, so my apologies. xox
2. What I have learned this week
I have learned so much this week. Especially about the power of receiving inspiration while reading the Book of Mormon. The spirit spoke to me multiple times yesterday. I felt so humbled. Why should I deserve such promptings from the spirit?  Then I felt this--"All who are faithful (real faith, diligence, obedience, etc.) are blessed with impressions from the Holy Ghost." If we want to be inspired, to be guided, to be comforted, etc., we need to read the Book of Mormon. Also, my companion and I did initiatories (sp?) after an endowment session. Wow, I started tearing up every time they said a certain part. It was something that really penetrated my heart. I felt the Lord really speaking to me through the ordinance.
4. A challenge
This week when you are really frustrated with someone, pray for them. I have seen my attitude change when I pray for people specifically. We really are blessed with love for those we pray for. That is why we must pray for those who hate us or abuse us. Prayer is powerful. Also, attend the temple this week (if you haven't already). I know the Lord wants to speak to us, let us be in places where we can LISTEN.

I will send pictures soon I promise! I have not been taking many pictures. I will try to tonight. Love you all. Thanks so much for the letters. I will do my best to write back ASAP or at least email.

Hermana Fischbuch

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hola Querido Familia,

I can't believe it's already P-day again. The days seem to go by slow, but the weeks go by fast!
1. What's new at the MTC?
Well, last week I think I failed to mention that we taught an "investigator" all in Spanish. Talk about difficult. My companion has a great knowledge of the scriptures (which I love!). Our lessons went well. Our spanish not so well, but the spirit was really strong. My eyes started tearing up as I attempted to share a personal experience with this investigator with the little spanish I knew. I think he got it. I testified to him that the Lord answers prayers, because of a specific time he had answered mine. The spirit was so strong. My companion and I both had our eyes watering. Don't worry we held back the tears...mostly ;). Not to mention this investigator was attractive...shouldn't there be some sort of requirement for people we're teaching not to be attractive men? Haha just kidding. I forget that just because I'm a missionary doesn't mean I don't find men attractive. Although we are teaching "investigators" who are already members of the church, we can still feel the spirit very strong, which surprised me. But, then I remembered how the Holy Ghost confirms truth, regardless of the situation. I had a lot of "hard" moments yesterday. For a number of reasons. I really prayed to the Lord to help me. The next day quite some time later, I was really filled with the love of God--or the spirit. I felt at peace. I felt happy. Something cool--I think because of the experiences we shared with our investigator when we committed him to be baptized he said he would. He only committed to baptism for us. Out of all the companionships in our district. Really cool. P.S. Something funny. I've been trying to speak spanish more often. I was speaking spanish in the bathroom to myself. I can't remember what I was saying. Something like...I know nothing ever...always (I said this in spanish because I was trying to use the words I learned). And apparently there was an hermana in the bathroom who left and to my companion waiting outside she said, "I wasn't sure if I was supposed to respond to that...". Haha anyways, I still talk to myself if you were wondering ;).
2. Quick Messages
-Paul! I was so happy to hear from you. I'll tell you straight up--I almost cried when I got that package from you. Almost. I just feel really grateful to have you as a brother. Thank you for your letter and advice. I laughed quite a bit. I showed one of the sisters (who shares my odd sense of humor) and we both laughed at the line about how after a few weeks we'll start referring to the MTC as a "compound." Haha. Too funny. Thank you for your journal. I haven't had a chance to read much of it, but I'm sure it will help me. I don't have a lot of free time...ever. I feel like I need to be learning Spanish, yet we're teaching investigators every day or other day, attending class, reading BOM, etc. Anyways. Thank you. I love you.
-Mary. I hope to send you a letter this week too. Every time I write letters my hand starts cramping because I feel so rushed, so my apologies for my handwriting that may be illegible... :)
2. What I have learned this week
I want to share one thing I learned this week. I watched a talk by Elder David A. Bednar, and felt the spirit so strong when he testified of the character of Christ. He explained that the natural man is an enemy to God, and how we are all like the cookie monster-- "we want what we want and we want it now...we want cookie now...we want baptism now...we want blessings now....etc." The focus should not be on us. If we want to come unto Christ, like we convenant to do when we were baptized, we must develop the character of Christ--turn our focus outward. Elder Bednar then explained three examples of when Christ was in the greatest of suffering and STILL reached outward. (After fasting for 40 days and Satan tempts him--he sends angels to John who is in prison (JS translation), after suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane AND the disciples falling asleep AND Judas betraying him...what does he do? He heals the ear of the guard who Peter hit with his sword. Can you imagine how exhausted he was? While on the cross, whom did Christ reach out to? He immediately was concerned for the welfare His mother, and even preached to the men on the crosses next to him. Never once did he complain, "poor me" or focus on how much suffering He was going through. The reason WHY the atonement is so powerful is because Christ never has focused on Himself--he is selfless. The atonement of Jesus Christ is real. I have felt His love for me, when I have prayed in my darkest hours. He is there. He is quick to turn to us.
3. Questions to think about
What are times in your life where you are suffering? How can you react differently to your suffering so that you become like Christ? This is something I know I can really work on. I pray to be quick to reach out.
4. A challenge

This week when you are really stressed or experiencing your own personal suffering, make the choice to serve someone. Make the choice to focus on others and not feel self-pity. I know we will be blessed if we try to develop the character of Christ and serve others.

I love you all. I would love to hear your thoughts or testimonies. Have a great week. Wow the time flies,

Oh! I have my travel plans! I'm supposed to leave next week for the PERU MTC, but I don't have my visa yet so we'll see. I'll keep you posted. XOX

Los Vemos,

Hermana Fischbuch

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sarah's first MTC letter

 For every letter Sarah is going to:

1. Tell you how the MTC is or my mission
2. Personal messages to those I don't have time to write letters to or don't have their address (I left it out this week)
3. What I have learned over the past week (I'll try to focus on ONE thing, although I really learn so much every week)
4. Questions to think about (that I have thought about)
5. A challenge (for you and I)

How does that sound? :). Let me know!

1.How's the MTC?
What an incredible blessing it is for me to be serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Wow! I felt the spirit so strong when Ariel dropped me off. This is where the Lord wants me to be. I am so happy to be doing what He wants. The MTC is not much different from what I expected, but I will say this..we have no time! Haha. Every extra minute is used. Out schedule is jam packed with activities--I always feel like I have to shove food down at meals (or maybe I always do that haha). Sisters are now allowed to work out in the mornings because they have classes for us (Cool, huh?). Classes such as yoga, kickboxing, aerobics, etc. They have an indoor track--10 laps is a mile haha. My companion and I and the two other sisters wake up at 5:45 so we can change and head to they gym and work out for 20 min then run back so we can shower and get ready for the day. Class. Spanish. Personal Study. Companionship study. Study some more. Eat. Sleep. Busy! We to have lights out at 10:15 and from 9:30ish to 10:15 we are to get ready for bed/shower/or do anything necessary (for me take pills, use my biomodulator, contacts, brush teeth, etc...). We are also to have companionship prayer, write in our journal (my personal goal), and have personal prayer all before 10:30. Haha it is a challenge! This is SO good for me. As many of you know I MUST write down everything and look at the time frequently to make sure I do everything necessary in a timely manor (I often fail at this). Haha! What a blessing it is to be imperfect and have the ability to become better through Christ and His gospel. Anywho, my health is the same. It is still difficult at times, but I know I will be fine. I just get that "feeling" :). There are six beds in our room but there are only four hermanas in our whole branch (basically a ward with smaller wards in it called districts). Each district has about 10 total missionaries, so our branch has multiple districts (we are the only district with sister missionaries). They were happy when we arrived last Wednesday :). I have really grown to LOVE the missionaries in my district this past week. We do everything together. How powerful it is when we have testimony meetings or talk about PMG (Preach My Gospel). So to sum it up..the MTC is efficient. I LOVE GYM TIME. I lift weights or play basketball or volleyball. It feels SO good to work out and compete (at any level). My companion and I are very different, but I am grateful for every opportunity I have to improve--especially with patience and charity. She is from SLC and is serving her mission in Florida. I probably will be in the MTC longer than 3 weeks as they have been having delays with visas...we shall see :). I've seen a few friends at the MTC (not missionaries) it's been cool. Thank you all for the letters. It's super easy to use dear elder while I'm here if you would like to email me (they print it off and give it to me). Just go to dearelder.com then make a username then put in my name, mission, and mailbox. Everyone looks forward to getting mail, so thank you for your letters already & yes I would LOVE to hear from you. It's so nice hearing about the "real" world. Being here still feels like a dream haha. Oh! They only talked in spanish our first day. Haha that was interesting ;). Also, we taught an "investigator" in spanish the next day. Spanish is coming okay. I felt the spirit so strongly in a few of our lessons--one being

3. What have I learned this week?
I have learned a lot this past week.(Weird I know, right?) Two things stick out to me. First, my calling as a missionary is sacred. And as I type that I think, of course it is, and I'm sure you all are thinking the same thing. But, the spirit as testified to me that it is--I don't just "know it" because I have been taught that. There was an incredible devotional last night given by Elder Echo Hawk. He talked about conversion and his conversion process. The call of a missionary is sacred. Wow, did the spirit testify of that to me as I looked all the missionaries around me. We, the missionaries, have been called to represent Jesus Christ. We are "saviors" to those we convert. Oh, how GREAT our joy will be when we unite with those we have taught and converted in the world to come. I know that to be true. Whether we are missionaries or not--the people we save--the lives that we "save" through our example or love will bring us GREAT joy. I feel that so strongly. We must remember that conversion in NO way ends at baptism. There are many members of the church who need to be rescued. Second, I was reminded of the power of the Book of Mormon. Elder Echo Hawk later talked about how the Book of Mormon is CRUCIAL in enduring the hardships of life and coming unto Christ. I want to testify to you that I know without a doubt that what he said is true, because I have experienced it for myself. There is a sacred power in the Book of Mormon, if we only open its pages and tap into that power. Power to be healed. Power to have faith. Power to endure. Power to love. Power to forgive. The Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ and reading it DAILY gives us so many blessings. I made a goal to read the BOM daily in April through my entry to the MTC, and wow the Lord blessed me. Of course my trials and challenges were STILL there (sometimes they increased haha) but I received so many blessings (that I often realized later) from reading the Book of Mormon.

4. Questions:
What do you feel when we read the Book of Mormon? What have you learned from the Book of Mormon? What blessings are you missing out on when you fail to read the Book of Mormon?

5. My challenge to you this week is to read the Book of Mormon EVERY day. 5 Pages. Or, however much you can. But, make sure you set aside time to read it. I promise you that the windows of heaven (incredible blessings) WILL be opened unto you, because I have seen it in my life, and continue to see it at the MTC. The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ. Jesus Christ lives and he yearns for us to seek Him out--to come unto Him. Let us read the Book of Mormon.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Blessings to you all. I pray for you in Espanol (the little spanish I know).

Con mucho amor,

Hermana (Sister) Fischbuch :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today is THE day. I feel so happy. I know this is part of the Lord's plan for me--it feels so right. I am so excited to finally start my journey as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a blessing. I got set apart last night. I am grateful that two of my bishops as well as my sister, grandmother, mother, and best friend got to attend. I feel so much gratitude towards my family and friends. Thank you for these last few weeks. The Lord is ever present in our lives. Jesus Christ lives. I hope to hear from you all every once in awhile. I wish you the absolute best in whatever lies ahead of you these next 18 months.


Sister Sarah Fischbuch

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mission Prep

In less than two weeks I report to the MTC. About once a day I get this overwhelming feeling of excitement. No apprehension. No fear. I just feel ready. Of course, I know there will be many challenges, and I will struggle. But, for now I just feel ready to be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is a great feeling. Peaceful.